Hawkins has played in 5 different countries which consist of China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Australia and he has also played in the minor leagues, ABA, CBA, IBL, USBL, with brief stints in veteran camps with the Lakers, Clippers, Bucks and Warriors. In 2002-2003 Hawkins finally achieved his ultimate dream in making the NBA with the Houston Rockets, while becoming the second oldest rookie in the entire league that season. He continue his play for quite some time after his NBA season in Japan and Australia respectfully. While playing pro ball in Australia Juaquin Hawkins would unfortunately suffer a devastating stroke that would change his life forever. Going through a year in a half of speech and physically therapy would follow along with several other never told life challenging events. Hope everyone who reads his story will be uplifted and be encouraged that other dreams can still be achieved.

Juaquin has been selected as ambassador of the American Stroke Association where he speaks and educates others about stroke through his personal experience while helping with the power to end stroke campaign. Please check out... Hawkins received POWER AWARD in 2010 by the American Stroke Association with other notable national honorees.