Four Reasons to Use Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint Online might be one of Microsoft’s best creations ever, but not many people understand this fact. Back when it was first released in 1985, it was booming and making waves all around the world since people have no idea that they can draw, edit, crop images on their computers. Artists and designers began to proliferate using the app, and some even have successful careers thanks to the program. What we’re going to tell you next should be able to convince your mind to give it a try. Check out the reasons to use Microsoft Paint below:

Accessible Worldwide

Microsoft Logo

You don’t have to look far and wide, above and beyond, to gain access to Microsoft Paint. The installation tool is online, and it is available on every computer gadget, no matter which part of the world you hail from. You can go to a public library and type in “Microsoft Paint” on the start search tab, and you’ll immediately find it sitting nice and pretty, waiting for you to utilize it. With the app readily available and accessible to all, users can have the artistic freedom and tool to bring their ideas and visions into reality!

No Cost of Usage

Microsoft Paint is part of Microsoft’s package when you purchase the software and operating system, so it will automatically be installed within your computers and laptops after you purchased them. With the app being so helpful yet has no cost to use whatsoever, many aspiring artists and designers have taken advantage of it to be their primary image editing program. Inside the app, you will find all kinds of tools and unique features that can help you explore your creative side and be prolific!

Creative Approach


The app gives you unlimited leeway and total freedom to explore your creative side and be artistic in any way you can since they have no restrictions, unlike other complex editing programs that limit certain actions. The app’s tools can let users do what they want and express their own styles and twists on the canvas without any hindrance or limitations. Users can use the freehand tool, various types of brushes, blurring features, and so on to define their signature style!


The concept of the app is loud and clear, which is simplicity. Once you start using Microsoft Paint, you will see other apps as much more intricate than you feel like there is too much waste that needs resolving. The app thrives on its simplicity and user-friendliness, and users are provided helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials to make their experience using the app much more enjoyable. You don’t have to be a tech wizard with a Ph.D. background to be proficient in using the program, just take a quick look at the tutorial, and you’ll be a Microsoft Paint professional in no time!…